Saturday, January 21, 2012

just what I needed

 It's very cold here today.  This morning we woke to ice and snow on the ground.
Good thing that yesterday, my friend Linda & I went to Longwood Gardens.

It's cold & quiet there, too, but only on the outside.
Inside is the glorious Orchid Show.
Orchids in floating glass bubbles,
on standards, 
on columns, 
and placed all through the conservatory.
Beautiful primroses
and stock,
and tulips,
pansies and daffodils.

Hope it was just what you needed, too!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

deep in my heart

I've just lost my very dearest best friend Janet.

             Janet stood next to me at my wedding and then stood by me my whole life.
We met at college as girls and stayed as girls to each other,
even when we were talking about someday being old ladies together.
We were girlfriends for over four decades.
There were never any arguments or anger in all those years,
just so many laughs, adventures, movies, meals, books, Scrabble and fun.
Janet was there to hold my babies, read to them and play with them.
She faithfully attended so many birthday parties, games, recitals, museums, 
plays, picnics, holidays and graduations
and loved my daughter and son into their adulthood.
She never failed to express her love and pride for my children
and they, in turn, loved their Aunt Janet.

We frequently told each other how much we valued our friendship, how much
we meant to each other and how lucky we were.
If you are blessed with a life-long friend, you are so very lucky.

I will miss Janet in my life but I will carry her in my heart forever.
Deep, deep in my heart with a million wonderful memories.