Saturday, September 18, 2010

*Gift of Jewels*

           Don't you love getting mail?                   
Last week I mailed a package to Australia to someone I have never met.
This week, a very large envelope was in my mailbox from Libby in Salem, MA.
Libby sent me a lovely hand-made collage!
Thanks, Libby!
    I do enjoy participating in *Gift of Jewels* hosted by
sweet Se'Lah of The Necessary Room.
Se'Lah matched us all up for a wonderful international pen-pal exchange. 
I'm looking forward to next year, Se'Lah!


  1. What a wonderful collage! I was so enchanted by the 'Gift of Jewels' project. Your paintings are just lovely. I like the way you create mosaics using one of your paintings as the focus surrounded by your photography! Wonderful, indeed!

  2. Yay! So glad you enjoyed your jewels. I really had fun creating your collage and have loved looking at all of your beautiful paintings!

  3. what a sweet collage...makes my heart skip a beat.

    enjoy your jewel, my friend.

    one love.