Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sun Room

Come on in!

This is a great spot for plants and orchids.

A little bit of art...

...and books...

...and blue & white.

A place to read

and a corner to dine.

Perfect for bird watching and...



  1. Hi Carol,
    You have a beautiful sunroom.I also love your blue and white china.
    That is a sweet painting of the little bluebird-I would love to be able to paint.
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Take care,

  2. It looks beautiful!
    That picture of Buster is so funny.

  3. Beautiful sunroom! I love the orchids and blue and white collection...Christine

  4. A beautiful sun porch complete with a kitty. Looks perfect to me!!

  5. Your cat looks like our Cece. Cool! Your sunroom is gorgeous and I love how it is a mini home once you open thos double doors!

  6. Beautiful room. I think I would be spending a lot of time in that room. Your kitty seems to love it too. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is a nice sunny space. Beautiful sunroom. Debbie

  8. I love the white bookcases with your blue and whites! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  9. Carol you have a a gorgeous home!

    Love your sweet precious kitty. I see we have our love of animals in common.

    Have a blessed day. ~Melissa :)

  10. Carol, I love your porch! You've got everything in it's perfect place! Your little black kitty is precious! I also love the Blue and Whites! And...BOOKS! ;) Stop by for my blog giveaway! The deadline for the closing is May 10, midnight, PDT. I'll be posting winners on Monday. More than one chance to enter! ;) ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cup"

  11. Thank you so much for sending me this wonderful blog. It's like a breath of spring in my gloomy living room. Your paintings are just fabulous! You certainly are enjoying your retirement. God Bless!! janice

  12. Oh my..I am so glad you showed us this beautiful porch of yours. Just to die fact, I am pretty much turning green here !! :O)
    I love your pretty little cat...

  13. Wow, what a wonderful room. It is just perfect for visiting and eating. I love that you could sit there and watch the rain in the morning while reading and drinking coffee. Great post!

  14. I love your porch inviting and cheerful with so much light and your cat looks so funny just sitting on the couch! Cute!

  15. Your sunroom is the perfect spot. I would imagine many hours of reading and bird watching are spent in this wonderful spot.
    I love me some kitty! My kitty is 15 years old and is spoiled...just like me;D

    Sweet wishes,

    P.S. My hubs is a painter too. I enjoy seeing your lovely art. I'm always in awe over those who can paint.

  16. Your sun room blues reflect the lovely sky. What a beautiful place to sit and have a cup of tea. Thanks for sharing. I will visit again.


  17. We also have a solid black cat who looks JUST LIKE YOURS!!! Ours is named Gomer.