Friday, February 26, 2016

read, read, watched

Still recuperating from foot surgery and getting a bit restless.
at least now I have a post-op shoe and can get around a little.
In the meantime, The Bee Cottage Story entertained me.
I love a peek into someone's home, really..who doesn't?
The Bee Cottage Story is just full of before and after pictures of
Francis Schultz's redo...of her life & cottage.

I saw this book mentioned in several recommendations on the web.
I will add mine, as well.  This is historical fiction, about two women and weaving two tragic events:
the fire of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911 and the World Trade Center attacks. 
A beautiful scarf of marigolds floats through the story.  Clara is a nurse in the hospital on Ellis Island and Taryn works in a fabric store called the Heirloom Yard in Manhattan.
Loss, survivor's guilt and allowing happiness back into one's life are the themes.
I'm mentioning this one to my book club.

I missed this one in the theaters, but was happy to find it on HBO.
A British period piece, this film is set in the time of King Louis XIV.
Kate Winslet plays a landscape designer hired to work on one of the gardens at Versailles.
Hmmm.....really enjoying this leisure time!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A brief pause

Here I bed for a week and another to go.
I needed foot surgery and what better time
to recuperate than winter!
The cats have been working in shifts to keep me company
and my husband has been waiting on me hand & foot 
(no pun intended!)
While I miss painting, dinners at a table and just being mobile,
I saw this as an opportunity for catching up on my
guilty pleasures and finding a few new ones.

Really enjoyed this one!  Very suspenseful right to the end. 
Mystery, Magic, Murder Plots & French Fans!

 I always love a new Ladies Detective Agency book! Just started this one.
Mma Precious Ramotswe is one of my favorite characters.  The books are gentle and charming.

I love Sherlock!  Where was I that I didn't follow this show from the beginning!?

Another one I missed!  Thank goodness for Netflix and lots of free time with an elevated foot!