Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the simple things

One of my favorite & most peaceful blogs to visit is Soul Aperture.
Christina writes the most beautiful words and just fills my heart
whenever I stop to visit.

Today, Christina is hosting "the simple things", inviting us to list
the little things we appreciate in our lives.
For every blog that participates, Christina & her family will generously
donate one dollar to Doctors Without Borders (max $250).

My Simple Things

looking at little cat faces
silky fur on my sweet Jack
pink toes on my sweet Buster
seeing the sunshine falling across my table
having a long quiet time with a cup of tea
watching birds at the feeder
reading a beautifully written book
reading a kind, thoughtful email
soaking in a warm bath
having a vase of flowers..real flowers
hearing the school bus go by (while I'm still in bed)
the quiet light early in the morning (when I get up before that bus rolls by)
standing in a drizzly French garden with my daughter
opening a paintbox
dipping a brush into color
getting lost in a painting
movie popcorn
being with a good friend I've known forever
meeting new friends I'll never meet in person
talking about the day with my son
blue and white anything
big snowflakes
soft rain
sound of the waves
the soft patina of vintage silver
unexpected kindness
unexpected smiles

Wishing you a lovely day.


  1. 'Hearing the school bus go by while I'm still in bed'-that made me smile!
    great list, thank you for sharing.
    xo country girl

  2. Carol..
    you said it so well..
    all my thoughts..
    especially looking at cat faces..
    pink nose, pink toes..
    silky fur..
    unexpected kindness..
    unexpected smiles..
    thanks for sharing your beautiful blog...
    filled with gorgeous photos and paintings..
    love it!
    warm hugs, laughing smiles..

  3. Hello, Carol. I am visiting you in the wake of Christina's love. Your paintings are amazing ~ I am so glad that I have stopped by to see them! I liked your list, too, and smiled at your theatre popcorn comment. We have an old theatre popcorn machine and each Halloween we pull it out of storage, making popcorn for the kids and their parents. The smell drifts down the street, adding a special touch to the cool, autumn air. A simple tradition, but a favorite one...

  4. who doesn't like a little unexpected kindness? that's the best kind. ;)

    one love.

  5. The rose is simply exquisite!!! WOW!!! Will be on board shortly!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

  6. You've captured so much of the joy of life...those easy, simple pleasures. Lovely list!

  7. big snowflakes... soft rain... movie popcorn. love love

  8. sunshine on the table... quiet time with a cup of coffee... beautiful thoughts, Carol! :)

  9. standing in a drizzly French garden with my daughter

    Oh, yes. You've made me dream.

  10. Hi Carol,

    Thanks so much for coming by for my Monday's Method. Sprry it has taken me so long to visit. I've been swamped. But now that I read your post and went over to Soul Aperture, I think I need to enjoy the moments more.

    I love your artwork. It is truly amazing. I'd love for you to join my new link party beginning Feb 2nd ~ Timeless Tuesday. The theme is all things classic ~ like your beautiful art. Please check out the link below to see what it's all about. I'd love to have you join in.

    Paula Grace ~

  11. This is really lovely!
    I love the simple things.
    Great blog and post.
    Thanks for visiting.

  12. Lovely gratitude post (my favorite kind). I'll try to drop by Christina's blog soon.