Friday, November 11, 2011

new inspiration board

My assistant & I worked  in the painting room yesterday.
He more or less supervised while I took down a big framed print,
measured, drilled, & molly-bolted my new white boards to the wall.
One board did not seem to be enough.  So glad I bought two
(at Target $17.29 much cheaper than the office stores).

Now I have a place to hang works in progress, bits and pieces that catch my eye,
art magnets, notes to my impatient self (LET IT DRY..fix it later), etc.
Will this keep my little studio more organized?  Maybe, probably not,
but it's a visual treat for artist's eyes.


  1. Now that's something I don't get to see everyday - the place in which an artist creates. It certainly looks organised to me!

  2. Wonderful idea... it is so fun exploring your pieces of inspiration - thank you for the Target tip and sharing!

  3. Love the new boards! And your studio certainly looks neat and organized!