Wednesday, April 25, 2012

tree peony

My tree peony is blooming and it's spectacular!

They usually open in May but we've had an early Spring.

This year I have 18 blossoms!

Each flower is about 7" wide & so pretty.

I painted this tree peony awhile ago.
It's now available in a big 12" x 12" print in my Etsy shop.

I am really loving Spring this year!


  1. Gorgeous . . . . beyond gorgeous . . .

  2. Carol,
    Lovely, just lovely! Such talent!
    dee dee

  3. Your butterflies are delightful, who could pick a favorite color. I love them all! But, WOW! Your painted Peony is magnificent! Your garden is dreamy, too!

  4. Gorgeous photos and beautiful paintings. I love the gentleness and the influence of Asian ink flower painting reflected in this one...