Wednesday, March 27, 2013

hydrangea chair

a new chair on Etsy
8 x 10

I have been busy painting, in class & at home.
I have an orchid to show you soon, just needs some finishing touches.
I love going to watercolor workshops!
While painting at home (alone & quiet) is perfect for me,
it's fun to be in a studio with other artists.
I learn so much from the instructor and from sharing ideas
and tips with my fellow painters.  It's all so inspiring!
... and there are always new colors, brushes, etc. that I must have ; )

I put all my supplies in the same cart that I dragged in and out of
my school buildings for years, loaded then with lesson supplies, and 
 I bring the same lunch bag that I used to quickly dine from at my desk.

Now I pack the cart with watercolors, brushes & paper 
and the bag with a lunch I can enjoy leisurely at a table of artists.

I'm very lucky to have these opportunities and by using the same old
cart and lunch bag, I'm reminded of how hard I worked to get here.


  1. Hello Carol,
    I am sure that you know that I also paint .. with oils, and water colours.
    I am not sure if you saw my post about my workshop in Norfolk.
    It was my second with the same teacher.
    I would love to know where you go for your workshops..
    its great to share.. I went to Jan Blanch..
    like your chair...
    I have been painting all day. oils..
    happy Easter val

  2. HI Carol, beautiful chair watercolor. I love to learn something new about watercolors.. it's so much fun and I usually take peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread for my,Diana