Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a visitor in my garden

The snake is back!

He's just a little garden snake, but 
he's grown since last year.

Jack discovered him and meowed
to get my attention.

He was then captivated!

Buster looked at the snake briefly
and then resumed his scheduled nap.


  1. Do the cats go outdoors . . . I hope not . . . looks like they have a lovely view to the out doors . . .

  2. I confess I'm a wee bit jealous of you for having a garter snake in your garden! I've never had one living right under my nose so to speak.

  3. Ah Ah..Carol. Buster was sure not interested in catching that big snake.
    I have a dog 'Jeffrey' when the snakes come out..he loves to try and catch them.
    That is a very big snake. !