Monday, October 7, 2013

weekend in Cape May

We spent a lovely (very warm) weekend in Cape May.
My daughter and I try to go every year,
we love Cape May!

From the largest Victorians

to the grand houses,

the gingerbread cottages

to the little cottages,

and right down to the bird cottages,
we love to visit here.

I painted this one and always like to stroll by.

We also visited the bird sanctuary,
so many swans and beautiful egrets.

Back to my stargazer lily this week.


  1. I love Cape May, even if it's been years since it was part of my regular summer round of visits. There's no place like it on the west coast.

  2. A lovely post Carol.
    Cape May looks such a delightful place.. all those little houses of different sizes and shapes.
    How nice that you could share it with your daughter.
    thanks for the tour..
    best wishes

  3. Love those cottages and picket fences. It looks like a great place to go!