Monday, December 2, 2013

Just finished a commission for a very nice client.  
This is on a full sheet of watercolor paper 22" x 30".
I haven't painted that large for quite awhile, a nice change.  
I just loved painting this, planning all the patterns!  I only used cobalt and ultramarine 
so it was a fun challenge.  The client saw my small print of a single stack of 
bowls and was inspired for her dining room.  The bowl on the bottom right is
a reference to her late husband who loved tulips.

Today is so cloudy that I can't get a good photo. 
 I'll have to try again tomorrow 
 Think this would make a nice print in 11" x 14".

Now I'm finishing a lovely little French chair for
one of my favorite collectors.  She's planning a wall
of my little chairs.  I hope she sends me a picture!

Then, back to large paper again for a bouquet of white tulips.
Such joy!


  1. Very nice Carol . . . VERY! Looking forward to the White a Tulips!!!

  2. (not sure how that 'a' crept in there)

  3. Beautiful. I love your blue and white paintings. What are you reading, when you have time to read these days?

  4. These are beautiful. I love the different patterns.