Monday, March 31, 2014

Call the Midwife is back!

Yes!  Jenny, Chummy, Trixie ,Cynthia
& the Sisters are back!
I love this show and especially Chummy.
There was plenty of Chummy in the story last night.

It was followed by Mr. Selfridge which I also enjoy.
When we visited London last spring, we walked into Selfridges.
Of course it's very modern now, but when I turned 
around, there was the old entrance facade preserved.

Any Midwife or Selfridge fans out there?


  1. Hi Carol,
    No. Selfridge midwife.. But I read the first book..and its a series now on tv.
    I have a very very close friend.. who lives in S.A.. she was a midwife in the 50's ..she loved the books and the series.. told me it was just like that. xx val

  2. Hello Carol,

    As we have not had a television for thirty years, we have little idea about the programmes to which you refer here. However, we absolutely love Selfridges. Such a stylish departmental store and we would look to its shop windows for design inspiration when we lived in London. So very imaginative and arresting.

    We have found you via the delightful Val and have signed up as followers.