Sunday, October 12, 2014

Provence lavender field

My daughter and I visited the lavender fields in Provence
this summer.  We timed our trip perfectly to see 
the fields in bloom and hear the bees buzzing.

We both wanted to paint from the many pictures we took.
Amanda beat me to it!  Her pastel painting is so beautiful.
Available in the shop as a 5" x 7" print.

I'm working on a commission that I just love

I started it three times before I was happy with it.
Still a lot of work to do.

Hope your weekend was lovely!


  1. How lovely are those lavender fields.. a nice pastel your daughter drew of them.
    your painting is looking very good too.
    Happy painting val.
    That is just what I am doing now. watercolor

  2. Beautiful. I am so jealous you were in Provence when the lavender was blooming. That is a dream of mine. I was blessed to visit there but it was in the spring. One day I hope to see and smell that wonderful fragrance.

    Lovely painting.