Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Artist Appreciation Month

Mercy Mermaid Ornament 

I was recently reminded by the Patience Brewster Co.
that August is Artist Appreciation Month and was invited
to join in a conversation of artists about the artists who inspired our work.
Click here see Patience's wonderful ornament collection.
What a joy to see her whimsical creations every year!

I have always enjoyed art history and made that a vital part of my curriculum when I taught.  
I loved sharing the beautiful works of  Van Gogh, Cassatt, Vermeer, Rousseau, Cezanne,
and Monet, among many others, with my young students.

Summer's Dream of Spring by Joseph Raffael

As a watercolor artist, I am constantly amazed by the beauty of our contemporary artists.
I am especially inspired by Joseph Raffael, whose huge watercolor flowers are incredible,
and Lucy Willis, who fills her watercolor paintings with beautiful light. 
I treasure Lucy's books on her technique and style.
I have seen Joseph Raffael's work in person and they are breathtaking.

Cows in the Orchard by Lucy Willis
I'm glad I had this chance to share some of my favorites.
I hope you find the time to explore the works of Willis and Raffael.
You will get lost in their beauty, I'm sure!

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