Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cape May House

8" x 10" in the shop

I painted this one 5 years ago at a workshop with Marge Chavooshian.
What a wonderful teacher and artist!  I was terrified to paint a building and had tried several times in the past workshops with little success.  Plus, it's hard to sit next to my architect daughter and draw a building while she just whips one onto her paper.

This time I got it..I painted a house!
I was so pleased (and relieved) with myself, but when Marge looked at it, eyebrows up,
 and then looked at me and said "Wow!", I could have floated off the ground!

It's my husband's favorite painting and one of my favorite moments on my journey as an artist.

 Just took it out of the frame to change the mat and take a better picture.  
Better camera now than I had then.
Have a great week!  We're having a heat wave in NJ.

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