Friday, February 26, 2016

read, read, watched

Still recuperating from foot surgery and getting a bit restless.
at least now I have a post-op shoe and can get around a little.
In the meantime, The Bee Cottage Story entertained me.
I love a peek into someone's home, really..who doesn't?
The Bee Cottage Story is just full of before and after pictures of
Francis Schultz's redo...of her life & cottage.

I saw this book mentioned in several recommendations on the web.
I will add mine, as well.  This is historical fiction, about two women and weaving two tragic events:
the fire of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911 and the World Trade Center attacks. 
A beautiful scarf of marigolds floats through the story.  Clara is a nurse in the hospital on Ellis Island and Taryn works in a fabric store called the Heirloom Yard in Manhattan.
Loss, survivor's guilt and allowing happiness back into one's life are the themes.
I'm mentioning this one to my book club.

I missed this one in the theaters, but was happy to find it on HBO.
A British period piece, this film is set in the time of King Louis XIV.
Kate Winslet plays a landscape designer hired to work on one of the gardens at Versailles.
Hmmm.....really enjoying this leisure time!


  1. I am always happy to have recommendations from your corner of Blogdom.
    Wishing you more healing. ....

  2. Hi Carol,

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. A little chaos is a lovely film indeed, especially for garden lovers. Hope you will feel better soon. Meanwhile enjoy the peace and quite. Wish I had more time to read a book :-)