Monday, June 13, 2016

new painting and Queen Victoria

in the shop
8" x 10"

Had a lovely workshop at the shore last week.
I misplaced the lighthouse photo I was going to work from so I looked at my Dropbox on the iPad. There was the winery in Chadd's Ford that I pass to go to Longwood Gardens.
My daughter has already beautifully painted this scene in pastels,
but I needed to get started in the class and my photo was there.
It was so much fun with all the greens!
So, another winery painting, different artist & different medium.


Just saw a preview for Victoria on Masterpiece PBS.
Looking forward to that one!


  1. What beautiful places to paint.
    Are you in the Cape May area? I'm trying to get a few plein air painters together...

  2. I just love Masterpiece Theater, watch it every Sunday on PBS
    Weather is getting cold here in Maine Maybe 1st snow. yvonne