Friday, December 9, 2016

broken wing

This was the busiest autumn I have ever had.
My daughter and I booked into several art/craft fairs, meaning lots of painting, printing and framing.  I  helped her move into her dream house, a lovely Victorian built in 1891,
and helped pack up to move out of her former home.
My husband and I had a great trip to Maine with dear friends.
And, most wonderful of all, our son got married!

Everything was flying along right on a schedule when I slipped on my stairs while carrying boxes.  Down I went,THE WEEK OF THE WEDDING,and shattered my shoulder blade.

Yes, of course my right shoulder blade.

I made it through the Rehearsal Dinner and the beautiful wedding.

There I am with my trusty sling and my wonderfully helpful husband.

Surgery was the following week.  I now have a plate and screws holding me together.
While I can't paint for quite some time and have a lot of physical therapy ahead of me,
I am very grateful.
It could have been a lot worse.


  1. So sorry Carol, but glad you are coming read read that will help the time go by as you recover. Feel better love,Diana

  2. Carol, it can always be worse, but why does it have to be at all?
    I've been there so I feel your pain. Despite all of it have a wonderful Merry Christmas .. and thanks for coming by..