Sunday, April 19, 2009

A peek in my room

Sometimes, my painting table looks like this...neat, organized & ready to work.

Then something like this happens! Who can work like this?

The occasional foot on the palette...the quick stealing of a brush.

I love blue & white!

Inside my wonderful closet, thanks to the help of my talented daughter!

This chair was covered in black snake-skin textured leather (?) at Home Goods. I had the legs cut down, added wheels & then I sewed the slip-cover.


  1. Does your daughter do house calls?
    Love the cats!!!

  2. Were we separated at birth? Everything in my house is blue and white--and outside it too, for that matter! ;-)
    The cats are adorable: I have a black and white one too and cobalt and cadmium paw prints on all my windowsills!
    I look forward to seeing your paintings!

  3. Your studio is a really lovely place, I'm planning to move off the kitchen and dress-up a studio too, you gave me a couple of new ideas! Thanks for posting!

    I wait for some pics of your paintings too.

  4. I enjoyed my peek into your studio and am anxious to see your paintings!

  5. What a wonderful room you have to paint in! I love all of the light.

    I got a good chuckle with the photos of your sweet and so adorable cats! So typical!! They look like they have amazing personalities.


  6. I'm looking forward to the day when Cat Camp resumes again. I really enjoyed having them over, but then again, you already knew that!

  7. love it! thanks for sharing. my cat does the same thing.. then hair everywhere - uggh! lol