Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mosaic Monday: Old Westbury Gardens

My adventurous daughter and I visited the Old Westbury Gardens in New York.

The mansion, on 200 beautiful acres, was completed in 1906 and was the home
of the Phipps family.

The inside is beautifully furnished, but we were not allowed to photograph
the rooms. I thought I'd share the exterior of the house and the lovely grounds.

The portico was glassed in, but we imagined it being open and airy.

There were so many pretty places to wander.

It was a perfect summer day.....

and fun to imagine living here once upon a time.

Look at this wonderful walk through arbors of roses.

A little cottage is tucked away on a path and surrounded by perennial gardens.

We peeked in one of the little windows to find a table set with blue & white porcelain.

Another pretty path to meander...

A beautiful garden to discover.

I do have a thing for waterlilies!

Can you picture sitting here in your walled garden?

...or lounging by your pool?

I'm sure someone would be handling all the indoor chores

and keeping the outside perfectly manicured.

Then you'd have plenty of time to make fresh flowered garlands!
Thanks for visiting today! Remember to check out the beautiful mosaics here.


  1. Carol you are such a great artist. Love the water colors, very soft. Makes me want to refresh what I have learned in my younger years. This mansion reminds me of the Greystone Mansion here in Beverly Hills, CA. Very nicely done and love all the photos.

  2. What a gorgeous place and I adore your watercolor urn! Lovely post!


  3. Your watercolour is superb.Beautiful place and lovely mosaic.


  4. Could you imagine living there! I felt like I just went on vacation! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos today!

  5. Gosh, be still my heart, lol. What a gorgeous place, your watercolour is stunning too, happy Monday, Kathy

  6. Reminds me of the exchange between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway --

    Fitzgerald: "The rich are different than you and me."
    Hemingway: "Yeah, they have more money."

    It's such a beautiful place, isn't it? And your watercolor is lovely -- so delicate! Thanks so much for taking us on a tour for Mosaic Monday. :)

  7. Hi Carol...This is just gorgeous! I would LOVE to live there! I can only imagine that the inside is equally beautiful! Such pretty gardens! Thanks for th etour! And I love your watercolor!...Debbie

  8. Ohhhh, thought of that John Singer Sargent picture of the little girls lighting Japanese lanterns...whatver its name pretty and, you guessed it, my favorite is of the lanterns.

  9. I loved seeing your photos as my husband and I drove to Old Westbury gardens in May from Prince Edward Island. We also went to the planting Fields and loved them both.
    I posted on them but all my old blog photos have disappeared for some unknown reason!


  10. What a magnificent mansion. I would love to visit it. Thanks to share your pics.

  11. I was all for living in the mansion until I saw the cottage. It would do nicely, too! (I would need pool privileges though... lol).

    Beautiful photographs and artwork!


  12. Carol, what a wonderful tour. I feel like I was there. Love the way you mixed your paintings with the photos. Very creative!

  13. Beautiful tour!

    I love visiting places like this.
    Too bad they wouldn't let you take pictures in the house...I bet there were gems of history in there.

    Have a happy Monday!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  14. Simply gorgeous photos of the grounds! I loved the portico and the paper lanterns in the rose arbor, but I also liked the water lillies (I am dying to make a garden pond in our backyard-maybe not quite this big, though:) Your watercolor is so serene and beautiful and would fit perfectly inside this mansion somewhere. Karen

  15. An awesome mansion in deed. I am always amazed at the scale of these kinds of estates. Yes, I could imagine myself walking the halls and taking a twirl in the many garlands, not to mention skipping down the rose covered path.

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.

  16. Oh wow! What a gorgeous mosaic and I love all the other photos! It reminds me of Sonnenberg Gardens... Lovely watercolor!

    And according to the counter I am visitor #002244! How cool! Lucky numbers! LOL!

  17. Oh my ........ no words. It's all so beautiful!

  18. Your mosiac with the painting is simply beautiful. As for the garden and your photographs of it .... I loved the tour.

  19. This is my first time here! Your mosaic and your painting are beautiful! And this garden is absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. I'll be back!!


  20. So much great architectural detail that's just not part of the homes built today. It was a real treasure to visit this grand estate through your photos.
    Happy Twirls

  21. Hi Carol! Thanks for swinging by my place and your comments on my last-minute-mosaic - much appreciated! That hover fly did look like a bee in that kind of magnification, I agree!

    These pictures are gorgeous - I love the fresh flower garland. Stunning! Beautiful watercolor too - love it.

    Hope you come back tomorrow for "Silly Haiku Wednesday" - this week's theme is SUMMER TIME. (It's fun and easier than you'd think, I promise)

  22. Nice Photos ... I love the porch and all the cement details ... if only I could redo my house to look a bit like that ...

  23. What a gorgeous place. Just imagine - it was someone's private home one time in the past. amazing. The gardens also remind me of my visit to the Grotto in Portland OR. If you have not been there, you must put it on your list of gardens to visit.

  24. Hello Carol

    Thank you for your warm welcome to Mosaic Monday! I live in Brooklyn but I never ventured out to Westbury to visit theses beautiful gardens! I'll have to go one day. The flower garlands were so pretty!

    Your watercolor is perfect! It looked so nice framed in your collage.

    Hugs, Pat

  25. Oh ... I wish I had your talent! I love your watercolor. It makes me want to paint. Thanks for sharing here. I enjoyed my virtual visit to these lovely gardens.
    Hugs and blessings,