Friday, July 17, 2009

What's in bloom inside

Yesterday, I posted what was blooming in my garden. I have a few blossoms inside, too.
I'm trying another ivy topiary...they usually don't survive with me!

I also don't have much luck getting African violets to rebloom. These are new.

Last week at the produce market, they had peonies. Peonies in July!! Peonies in July for under $3 for this whole bouquet!!! I have been mesmerized by them all week & they are just beginning to wilt.

My orchids are reblooming. Phals are so easy to grow!

They can bloom for months at a time.

I think they're incredibly beautiful!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Gorgeous flowers. These are all some of my faves. We just moved to an apartment and I want to get some african violets.

  2. Those orchids are incredible. I've never been able to make them live. Yours look fabulous, and so do your other flowers. laurie

  3. The hollyhocks are beautiful ... all the flowers are, but I love hollyhocks! I also love to visit Seattle ... It's one of my favorite places. Retired teacher? I have a friend who retired ... this is her first year staying at home. School started last week and she substitute taught two days! She's having a little trouble "retiring"!