Friday, June 25, 2010

little visitors

I've had the cutest little visitors in 
my yard for the last few weeks!

a set of twins!
Their mother is never far away.
We live on two acres and are used to seeing adult deer....
but these babies are precious!
When they got a little too close to the hydrangeas,
I walked outside to shoo them away.

Yesterday, in the late afternoon,
we watched them running & playing 
in our backyard.

They wandered too far & the mother was worried.
She stood looking in all directions for her two little ones.
Finally, they bounced back into view.
She then led them back into the trees.

Have a great weekend!


  1. It just makes you feel good to see them. When I was a child I had two little ceramic statues of fawns and they were posed just like the two in your first photo. I still have them somewhere. Thanks for the memories!

  2. aren't babies just the sweetest? we have a mama that comes through from time to time and we love seeing them.:)

  3. That is just so delightful.
    Hugs and Blessings - Jan

  4. Awwwww, so lovely.... So nice they come to check out your Hydrangeas :))

  5. Delightful! So nice to see someone who respects our wildlife. I found that deer are careful diners...they love some of our plants and hate others, but I don't remember which is which. I've got a great giveaway going, please stop in for a little visit. xx's

  6. What a wonderful thing to see in your own back yard. And you got great photos of your twins.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. O my gosh ... these little cuties are adorable!! Great pictures and they are so close!