Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm back

I'm back from a wonderful trip to Chicago.
Beautiful botanical gardens, museums,
landmarks, sights to behold
& great food!

These two pictures have nothing to do with my trip,
just new prints on my Etsy.
Now, back to laundry!


  1. love, love, LOVE your cabbage.

  2. The cabbage is my favorite! Lovely colors with the purple mixed in and those veins on the leaves. Subtle but Perfect!

    I'm hoping everyone will take word verification off their comment form. It is easy to do in the Setting function. I took it off my blog and have had no trouble with spammers. I designate Open ID for commenters.

  3. Happy for your return. Looking forward to your new pictures! And the cabbage is indeed beautiful! Cathy

  4. I've always wanted to go to Chicago. I hope you had a great time!

    Your prints are gorgeous and very pretty. (You should post some on my new site http://efreeme.com - no listing fees or commissions)

    Also, I agree with taking word verification out.

  5. I've brought some watercolors to on my trip to the beach... now I just need to use them! I love your new prints!
    Dee Dee

  6. Welcome back - I've always wished to go to Chicago - lovely cabbage!

  7. You have made the humble cabbage look so fabulous.

  8. Love your painting room!
    The cabbage is wonderful!!!

  9. Love your cabbage!!! So glad it's a print in your etsy shop. It's always been a favorite. The colors and details are exquisite.