Friday, July 16, 2010

simple things

 Happy Birthday Christina!

simple things
my paintbrush
a palette full of beautiful colors
time on my hands
a flower bursting from a bud
a bird house full of babies
(peep peep)
a slow quiet morning
deep quiet sleep
old soft tee-shirt
kitty faces
sweet purrs
beautiful words in a book
beautiful words
wondrous photos
from a beautiful person
Happy Birthday Christina!

Christina weaves magic with her words and pictures on her beautiful blog Soul Aperture.
No matter what your mood or feelings, you leave Christina's feeling like your heart has been hugged.
Christina is hosting her birthday blog party today
and she will welcome you with open arms & sweet words.
Thanks Se'Lah for the snazzy button!


  1. I think I can hear the ocean!

  2. such a warm and comforting list.
    feeling refreshed. thanks.

    one love.

  3. this is the sweetest.
    "beautiful words" yes, it's like heaven.
    thank you dear friend!
    and a warm hug to you and that big heart of yours.

  4. I love the painting, Carol--such subtle colors and washes--so hard to do (for me!)
    "Time on my hands"--what beautiful words; hope to experience that soon!

  5. Gorgeous painting - simply beautiful.