Wednesday, September 8, 2010

frog blog

NJ has been so hot and dry this summer,
so this clever little frog found his own private swimming pool
right in my garden fountain.

It's a great spot....
lots of bugs to eat, fresh water every few days & plenty of sunshine.

Today he decided to pose for me.
Later on, when my son came over, there was a little garden snake
slithering up over the edge of the fountain to take a drink.
So now.....
it's a community pool.

while I'm inside trying to paint

Buster decides to keep me company..

and that was the end of that!


  1. So buster is a budding artist?
    BeBe, my furbaby assistant loves to lie on my desk and attack my fingers as I type on the keyboard..
    but i wouldn't have it any other way!!
    warm sandy hugs.. Loui♥

  2. I think the frog looks very happy as your guest :)

  3. Cute frog! And I have the same problem with cats trying to help me all the time...

  4. Wow, the frog is bigger than I expected!

    Buster is always so helpful...

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