Saturday, October 23, 2010

blue forget-me-nots

watercolor 8" x 10"

I plan to be a better blogger next week.  
This week was way too complicated.
In fact, the last several weeks have been too complicated.

...and this week, I have something filling the calendar
Good thing I'm retired.
I'm linking up with Mary's Mosaic Monday.

Lovely week to you all!


  1. My week was like that too!!! Next week will be better, I think! Cathy

  2. Sometimes something has to give - and if it's blogging....well we'll still be here when the time's right.

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL watercolor & an even more beautiful mosaic!

    DH says "Retirement is getting up in the morning with nothing to do, & going to bed with only 1/2 of it done!" LOL

    Hope you have a calmer week ahead.

  4. Beautiful and your artwork is completely charming as is your mosaic. Sounds like one busy week...take care!

  5. People always ask me how I fill in time now that I am retired. It is the same as you. Every day is full. The forget me knots are lovely.

  6. Oh wow! I love your work. I also paint in watercolour but don't have the confidence to show my work.

  7. Oh, I just love your painting. Forget-me-nots. I will never forget when we moved from Oakville, Ontario and the garden sprouted hundreds of forget-me-nots just before we moved. It was like my garden was saying goodbye. Your mosaic is wonderful.

  8. Hi Carol... This mosaic is beautiful. I do believe each new painting becomes my favorite!

    Hope things calm down and next week is not sooo hectic or busy.


  9. Your painting of forget-me-nots is lovely. In my garden in Cooperstown, NY there were areas that were blue with them like a carpet in spring.