Wednesday, March 9, 2011

new prints

new prints in my Etsy shop


  1. i still need to sign up for a totally inspire me to try

  2. Carol,
    I'm so excited to finally be able to leave you a message, everytime I've tried for the past week, it shoots me out. Anyway... great job on your kitchen redo with your daughter, I'm sure she will enjoy it for years to come! Your butterfly has me wishing for spring, so very pretty! Our new house has an orchard attached to the property, I'm sure my son would love an orange tree, just not the right climate here in Ohio! We are already trying to figure out how to keep the dogs out of the orchard! Have a great day, I love your watercolors, they bring smiles to my face!
    Dee Dee

  3. You got that wonderful iris blue perfectly! Lovely.

  4. That iris is prefect! Love the colorful garden. Less weeds than my gardens. I see you are still loving your painting time.

  5. Love the dark background behind the iris. Nancy