Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hotel Baudy..our walk continues...finally!

Remember the walk we started (over a month ago!) ?
We're walking to Giverny from our charming bed & breakfast.
So sorry about the delay, but at least we're rested & ready to move on!

Here's a lovely old place called Hotel Baudy.

 The Impressionists artists, many of them American, came to stay at the 
hotel and paint the beautiful rural French landscape in the late 1880's.
It was nicknamed 
"The American Artists' Hotel".

The dining room where Paul Cezanne and Mary Cassatt had a very heated argument.
Cezanne stormed out of the hotel and sent for his things later on.
(We had a very peaceful meal on a drizzly evening... no one stormed out.)

 Look at the wisteria!  We timed this trip hoping to see wisteria,
not disappointed at all!

Let's walk out to the court yard.
Imagine the artists passing through with their easels, canvases and paints.

A spot for them to sit or to pose their models.

 Richard E. Miller 1910

They would find irises to paint

 and luscious peonies

and quiet paths to explore.

Aren't you thrilled to find the studio well preserved?
I was!
Monet, Rodin & Sisley also painted here.

My daughter took this beautiful photo.

Over time, the garden has invaded the studio.

Back outside we're greeted by purple pansies

Are you as inspired as I am?

Our walk continues..........


  1. I loved going on this walk with you. The images and flowers you saw are just beautiful. Lovely post, have a great week ahead.

  2. That was enchanting - to see the inspiration close up must have been wonderful. What I find so interesting is that the colours are still so real, so much as painted long ago. I'd love to sit at that blue iron table, sipping a pastis!

  3. Oh yes indeed, this inspired me!

    I liked the first painting, is that yours? And I loved the purple pansies on the steps in the same sized weathered pots.

    Loved the Peacock blue powdery garden set, your daughters photo, yous too. I liked all/each. A trip like this must give you so much inspiration.

  4. i would love to sit at your feet and learn water coloring/ your eye and your work!


  5. I'm guessing the first and last pieces were created by your own hands! They are lovely.

  6. The first and last are my paintings, thank you!

  7. Carol,
    Beautiful photos! Makes me feel like I were on vacation!
    but even nicer are your stunning paintings! So talented!
    dee dee

  8. Hello.
    I have just come upon your blog.. and it looks lovely.
    I like your description of Giverny.
    My cousin often visited there, when she lived in Belgium..and always said that i should go to paint there.
    I have their books..
    nice to meet you