Friday, July 20, 2012

come, walk with me

We're going to take a walk to the village of Giverny in Normandy
from our charming farmhouse B&B.

 We need to finish our excellent French breakfast &
remember to stuff some sugar cubes in our pockets.

Up the stairs we go

to the "Green Lane" that will take us to the village, about two miles.

There is Queen Anne's Lace along the path

and cows in the pasture.  I keep thinking about painting those cows.

Houses along the way...look at that little dining spot!

So much to see...our walk is taking longer & longer,
but along the way we meet a



This is the little cat in Amanda's photo.

Cheval!  Time for the sugar cubes!

As we go on there's more to admire....



and roses, both real

and painted....

and heavenly blue shutters

that I just love!

Lovely irises are everywhere!

A few little showers don't bother us because
it's French rain!

Hope you're enjoying our walk, there's much more to come!

to be continued.............

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lovely . . . Charming . . . Inspiring . ..

  2. what a beautiful town...would love to be there!

  3. What a lovely walk, I enjoyed the pictures!

  4. Oh yes, I enjoyed that walk. I loved the glimpse into where you stayed. It's nice to read a post that is devoted to what I love best about visiting another country. Keep the monuments, museums and historic sites. Give me a blue-shuttered and curtained window, a winding lane, a hidden outdoor dining room and a glimpse into domestic life, and I am happy.
    I look forward to more such posts.

  5. So quaint and, well and FRENCH!

    Wish we could have some of that rain - - - these days I even love American rain, I think - - - I haven't seen enough of it since May to know for sure.