Monday, November 5, 2012

I solved my paint brush problem

 I have tried all sorts of methods for keeping my brushes at hand.

Finally, I came up with this solution for only $2.77.
I bought a bucket grid in the paint section of Home Depot.

I already had the Lucite  silverware caddy.  I removed the caddy handle,
filled it with rice, adjusted the metal ends of the grid, and

I have a great brush caddy!
Do I need all those brushes, you ask?
It's very easy to amass brushes, especially when you first begin to paint.  
You think a better or at least a different brush will make you paint better.  
Sometimes it does.

...and, like most artists, I like to buy art supplies.
I'll show you my paint stash someday.
Same theory: new color = better painting

I like Daniel Smith's Platinum Series brushes right now.
My most favorite brush is a free one from Cheap Joe's.
I reach for that one every time but now the point is gone.
Think I have room for a new one?!


  1. We can never have enough brushes Carol.
    I have jars all around the place..tins with them.. I have boxes with paints.. draws with paints.. and I use a plastic veggi basket on wheels also..
    I have been painting all day today.. water colours.
    I bought some new brushes a week ago..but i need more of diffeent sizes.. then i have my oil paint brushes.. we become addicted to the art shops.
    I like your art.. its lovely.
    wishing you a happy monday

  2. Yes we can always buy more brushes. They wear out. Love your idea. My last brushes I bought were tiny ones from Amazon for $25 for like 12. Mini. ones. take care. love,Diana

  3. Love seeing your brushes . . . sizes, tips, points, flat, wide, tiny, narrow , blunt. Love it . . . And I love your watercolors too!

  4. As a frustrated painter turned photographer, I can tell you I still love the sight of a gob of paintbrushes. In fact, watch my Paris blog this week and you'll be very pleased. I have a photo that will go along with these great photos today on your blog.

  5. I have a brush habit too. And a paper habit. And a paint habit. I never leave an art store empty-handed.

  6. Hurray! Now your paint brushes have a small and safe haven to call home. :)) My brother has a set of brushes too with different sizes, shapes, bristles, and handles. His strategy to preserve its shelf life is keeping it frozen when he has no time for cleaning it, and then thawing it out later for a more thorough cleaning.