Thursday, November 8, 2012


We discovered two kittens under our hedges.
These babies went through the hurricane last week
and the snowstorm last night!

Oh, they are sweet!  They look about 5 weeks old.
Beautiful fur & chubby little bodies.
One of them hissed at me but the one above was so calm.
We took them inside and left a humane trap to catch the mother cat.

Since we have two male cats in the house, there was no way to keep them.
The mother has not returned and we will keep checking for her.

The animal shelter took the kittens and if the mom returns,
we'll reunite her with her babies.


  1. Tough little critters, hope the mother OK.

  2. Carol, we had kittens too. How adorable. But we couldn't keep them either. love to you,Diana (They are living with my son)