Monday, December 3, 2012

new painting

I'm using this painting for my Christmas cards this year.
There are prints available in my Etsy shop.

I also finished this commission:

 Now I need to decorate my house for Christmas!

Thanks for the good advice on my blog problem.
I'm actually liking the new book club blog.
It just looks a little bare compared to the old one.
Once we read a few more books, it will look better.

I did go into my Picassa albums ( as suggested by Judy).
I had over 100 duplicates!  That was when I first started the blog
and didn't know what I was doing!  
I'm also reducing the size of the pictures ( as suggested by Val).


  1. loving your christmas card "swan" its beautiful Carol.
    pleased that you have sorted your problem out.
    I myself have had problems in the past, and blogger friends are always there to help.
    Your commission is unbelievable! the people will be so happy
    wishing you a happy Monday

  2. Such talent! Beautiful card! Those receiving it will be blessed!
    dee dee

  3. They are beautiful Carol, I had heard someone say something about blog photos. But I'm going to go back and read what everyone said. Your blog is always so very lovely, take care, love,Diana