Saturday, December 1, 2012


A quick question to all fellow bloggers:
Blogger says I am out of picture storage (I have 2 blogs) 
and now wants to charge me a monthly fee.
Do you pay for your blog or do you know of other alternatives?
My second blog is for my book club.


  1. This is something I am hearing more and more often on blog posts. Apparently the cost for more storage is low - under $3 a month. People have moved their blogs to Word Press and some have moved back to blogger - I've never tried it, so can't help there.

  2. I was recently charged . . . But it was only five dollars for a year.

  3. There is the option of deleting some pictures from the Picasa webalbum that is linked to your blog. Sometimes there are duplicates on it of the same pictures. You can also make the pictures that you use on your blog smaller in pixels, so they don't take up so much storage space. Upgrading to Google Plus also seems to solve the problem.

  4. I did run out of space earlier this year and I just opened up another ablum in Picsas but I found the whole process confusing so I hope you have a better time of it.

  5. Happy Sunday morning to you Carol.

    Judy has more or less explained it pretty well.
    What i do.. is I delete my trash and also keep the pixs smaller. Once you have used the photos that you want..
    delete them..unless you want to keep some. Try not to keep them all in the same place.
    I so far have had no problem with blogger.. Upgrade to google plus..
    good luck

  6. All good suggestions, Thank you!

  7. I decided to dump the book club blog and create a new one from WordPress. So far, so good!
    Thanks again!

  8. I pay a small fee (like under 3 dollare) each month for the Picasa storage and have not had a problem since then.
    dee dee