Tuesday, June 18, 2013


8" x 10" on Etsy

I love nasturtiums!  Every summer I plant a big pot that overflows
with yellows and oranges.  I've taken dozens of photos to paint
and, finally, got around to it!  I painted this last week while I was away.


  1. Love your painting. My mum loved planting and growing nasturtiums!

  2. They really are beautiful ... I especially love the leaves! Nasturtiums must have the most paint-o-genic leaves.

  3. You have captured the nasturtiums beautifully. Hope you manage paint lots more flowers during summer. I have a bright red poppy but will probably wait for the seed heads and draw them. It has been a great year for flowers and blossom, all the rain we had!

  4. I love your painting. They are joyful flowers. I always plant nasturtiums along the edges of my raised vegetable bed and I love the way they tumble over it. This year I added some to the pots on our front steps too.

  5. I really like this painting. the red flowers are beautiful and cheerful. You've gotten the leaves just right, I think.