Wednesday, January 8, 2014

before and after

I'm always amazed at what a little time and paint
can do to transform a room.
(Sorry for the picture quality: taken with my phone in low light)

This is my family room fireplace wall.
I looked at it over the weekend & wondered 
why I haven't painted that wood white.
That would be a quick & simple task, right?

And then, of course, I realized the entire fireplace surround 
and bookcase fronts would have to be painted as well.
(the shelves will have to wait for later)

A day and a half later:

I'm really pleased with the result!


  1. That made an amazingly large difference. Having the wood natural accented the horizontal lines and tended to break up the entire unit. Good change!

  2. Isn't paint a wonderful thing? On paper, OR on walls, or on woodwork? Freshens up the world. Now I'm in the mood to re-paint a room.

  3. Very nice improvement/change! And all it took was time, energy and some paint!