Monday, January 20, 2014

still improving

I'm very hesitant to show you what's behind these doors.
This is my laundry room closet.
It's used for seasonal decorations, except for Christmas and Halloween.  
Those items are stored in big bins in our garage and attic.

I change my foyer table every month or so with the seasons, holidays, etc.
There are a lot of small items to store, plus a few odds and ends like
my gym bag, flower pots, glass cloches, decorative plates, etc.

I know you want a peek, but it is dreadful.
When I finally broke a plate while trying to wedge it out,
I knew that was it.
Time to organize.

from this:

Oh, yes, that was in my house.

to this:

The shelves in the "before" closet were my biggest obstacle.
I was haphazardly stacking everything.  Putting away something
meant stuffing it into any available spot.
I now have three more big shelves and all shelves are 20" deep.

Now, just like the rest of my house, there's a place for everything.
If you're new to my blog, check out the last two posts.
I've done more projects in this busy January.

I'm linking to Susan's
Metamorphosis Monday
Great ideas on that blog!


  1. Beautiful!! My only worry is that you might have started a trend for showing storage closets..........

  2. Organization feels soooo good. Motivating too!

  3. I will never show you my studio/bedroom because it is a dissaster! Your closet looks perfect now! :)