Monday, March 2, 2015

hydrangea bouquet progress

(I figured out how to make a circular watermark!)

slow progress on my newest painting.
That's just the way I paint.

I photographed it against the wall that it's going on in my living room.
The blossoms are all in cobalt, cerulean & a mix of the two.
I think I'm going to be happy with the finished painting.  Still a way to go, though.

 I never paint on an easel, always flat or on a slight incline on my table. 
This is a full sheet of watercolor paper stapled onto Gatorboard...bulky to deal with.
I was tired of wrestling with it on my painting table so I brought 
everything into the sun room to work on the bigger table.
Still not right until I propped it on the cat tower.


Jack meowed at me several times but then settled into a chair.

I still don't like standing up to paint.
Maybe this will hurry me along.


  1. That is very pretty! Great idea with the cat, even though Jack wasn't happy.

  2. The painting of the hydrangeas will look stunning Carol..
    Its coming along super.
    I cannot paint watercolor standing up. My oils I do.
    looking forward to seeing it on your wall.
    happy painting

  3. Ha ha, you know I didn't notice the cat tower at all. All I saw was the lovely painting!!! Beautiful, love,Diana

  4. Your finished painting will look great - I love the colour

    All the best Jan