Thursday, April 2, 2015

finished the hydrangea bouquet

In a previous post, I said this was a new (old ) painting.
(In person, the background is lighter.  I always have that problem on the blog)

I had painted this bouquet from a photo back in 2001.

When I was updated the living room, I was going to 
re-frame my painting until I looked at it very closely.
It had hung there for years and I had been so proud of it.
Now I wanted to paint it all over again and make improvements.
The format was changed to portrait and the flowers changed to blue.
Much more attention was given to the glass, leaves and blossoms.

Interesting to look at old work and see the path I have taken.
I'm proud of the new painting and it's perfect for my room.
It was a joy to paint, just as it was 14 years ago


  1. It is nice to look at an old painting and see how much you have learnt isn´t is! The painting is lovely. Happy easter!

    1. Thank you! Happy Easter to you, too!