Monday, June 15, 2009

What I ate on my vacation...

Yes, I took pictures of my meals...doesn't everyone?

When I looked at my 1,000+ photos, it was hard to tell where I had been.
It was mostly food and flowers!
Thank goodness my talented daughter took 4,000+ of all those buildings and landmarks!

We ate at those lovely sidewalk cafes...

and had some of the traditional cuisine.

This was purely for the sake of tradition.

This cafe was near the Eiffel Tower.

Lots of frites were consumed.

...and chicken.

Delicious pizza at Michael Angelos....I know, not traditional.

I did have my fair share of quiche...

and it was so good!

Why, yes, that is a pyramid of chocolate on my table.

Oh my, THIS was good!

These were, too.

Breakfast at Angelina's was a wonderful experience.
That is basically a pot of melted chocolate and cream with whipped cream on the side.
Need I say more?

Well maybe one more:

Huge Hand-Dipped Strawberries. On a Brussels.


  1. My daughter loves to take photos of food.
    That last one is the killer...chocolate covered strawberries...and they look so cool on the skewer!

    Thanks for stopping by Hospitality Lane!

  2. Oh my but I have just gained weight looking at these amazing dishes. The desserts look amazing. I love the strawberries in chocolate on a skewer..I have to do that for my company this week. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey with me.

  3. I am sooooooo glad you took AND showed us these pictures of food.

    I think the quiche in the first picture looks the best - - - I want some right now!!!

  4. Oh my! It looks wonderful and puts my breakfast bar to shame this morning. Thanks for the view.


  5. That is always what I remember most when I travel, the food. Lovely scenery sure, interesting places, okay but the food you actually ingest, smell, taste and usually rave about.

  6. I'm in a huge nostalgic mood after looking at those pictures. As a French teacher I have been to France numerous times, and seeing the café and the French food - oh là là! I am homesick for France - beautiful! Linda

  7. This may have made me want to go back to France just for the food. What beautiful food, and what charming places to sit while you eat it! laurie

  8. I just gained 10 pounds looking at these scrumptious shots! I take lots of photos of food too - my family thinks I'm nuts. I call it food porn, LOL! :-)

  9. M-m-m-m! That chocolate pyramid you so discretely tried to hide. Looks divine!

  10. Oh divine. And was that French Onion soup I saw?? My favorite.