Saturday, May 8, 2010

happy violets

My violets are happy..finally.
I used to buy African violets, enjoy the blooms &
then (gasp) toss them out when they stopped
blooming & became weary looking.

I could NEVER get them to re-bloom.

I'd feed them & get a lot of beautiful leaves but no buds.

Then my friend Janet brought me a violet to plant-sit for her.
It was just gorgeous.
I thought
grow alot
of gardening plants
but can't get African violets to re-bloom?!

Her secret was "water from the bottom" simple.

(this one looks like a painting-to-be!)
Now I gather all my violet babies together & let them soak
in the sink for about an hour.

This makes them very happy....

and a window of morning sunshine helps, too.

Thanks, Janet! ;)


  1. Carol, they are so beautiful! I am all thumbs when it comes to indoor plants. I would love to be able to grow african violets! How often do you feed them and water them?

  2. Gorgeous flowers! I didn't know that about the watering needs either. Great info.

  3. Just beautiful! I love violets they represent more demure times.

  4. Your African violets are beautiful. A guy from the plant store told me about that but it's a good reminder...Christine

  5. Excellent tip! I'll have to try that one with my plant! Your's are stunning!
    Dee Dee

  6. they are such happy flowers! your's are beautiful!

  7. I hope you know I am trying this...! My violets are beautifully with flowers also.

    We are both in the skinny class. I am on week one and loving it!

  8. These are beautiful! My favorite colors too.
    I had the same problem with cyclamen--and the solution was the same too! Water from the bottom ... But I have never gotten an orchid to rebloom!! (And I almost bought one at Lowe's the other day, but thought I'd only be wasting $20). What's your secret?

  9. The violets are beautiful. Thanks for the tip about watering. I had never heard that.