Saturday, May 1, 2010

my favorite room

I joining Poppies at Play today for my favorite room in my house.
Go see Andy's lovely blog for more favorite rooms!

welcome to my sunroom!

We love this room!  My architect daughter designed it and
we had it built just a few years ago.

I did a lot of sewing for this room.  The dining chairs were from Lowe's
and covered in a brown tweed.  I made the drop cloth for the table and added a glass top.

I bought all the fabric on-line.  This one was love-at-first-sight!
The fabric is all indoor/outdoor & very durable.

There's a cozy corner to read or to watch big snowflakes fall in the winter.

There's a nice big chair to rock.

Little birds are here and there


in my painting,

on a sconce,

even on a bird's nest table.....

and there's usually a kitty or two.

Lots of spots for my favorite blue and white collections, too.

Many windows to keep the plants & flowers happy.

Thanks for visiting!  Last chance for my give-away here!


  1. Your house is so so SO gorgeous! You're killing me with all of those windows!!! **Jealous*** You have such great accents to compliment it!!I want a sunroom!!

    Thanks so much for linking!

  2. Carol, that room is absolutely stunning!! Gorgeous,warm and inviting. Elegant yet cozy. I could spend all day in there. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful room.

  3. I'm very very jealous! What a lovely space.

  4. I love your sunroom. I have posted mine today too for the same party. Come on over for a visit. I love how yours sits lower than mine and you can look out on the yard easier. Your daughter did a great job of designing it for you.

  5. very lovely room, I know you enjoy it year round.

  6. No WONDER you love this room!!!! It is fantastic.

    We had a house once with a "window" room - - - it was our favorite too, though it was no even CLOSE to being as great as THIS one.

  7. What a beautiful sunroom!
    I just love your painting of the little bird!
    Dee Dee

  8. What a great room to have and be able to enjoy it year round. I bet the kitties love it to. Jude

  9. Oh my, I want a sunroom like this. You've done a gorgeous job decorating it. Thanks for sharing, even if it has made me jealous ; )

  10. such a lovely room and a great view. i could get lost in my daydreams. thanks for letting us see.

  11. Oh my -- what a stunning sunroom! And isn't it magical to watch the snow fall from such a place? We live in our sunroom as much as possible, but yours ... wow! It's really special. Nice job on the part of your daughter! Lovely. I love all the blue & white, too -- if I ask nicely, may I have that table lamp? No? Oh well, just thought I'd ask...
    Best wishes, Cass

  12. Carol, your sunroom is so lovely!!! Where to begin all that I love about your sunroom? First, your windows, your art, the blue and white canister with a heart kind of motif, print, your bird theme and bird watching room also, the birds in the windowsill, the bird endtable, your fabric choices and your cozy corner.

    I guess you can tell I love your room.

  13. What a gorgeous sunroom..I envy you. Love all the blue touches.

  14. Your daughter did you good! :) Love your sunroom {wish I had one}! The blue and white touches are great too!

  15. Carol this is a gorgeous, happy, well decorated room! It would be my favorite room too....WOW, it is awesome! Thanks for stopping by. ANd yes Pier I is going to run out of those measuring cups because of me lol, they also have cute cherry ones....Have a great day!

  16. Your sun room is so beautiful, and I really love the last photo of your little patio. I want to visit :)



  17. What a beautiful room... I love the blue and white, the birds... everything about it!

  18. What a beautiful room!! You did a wonderful job.

  19. Hi Carol,

    What a lovely room - I can see why you and your beautiful cats like to hang out there!

    I am really enjoying your blog and am adding it to my Home & Hearth links at Create With Joy! (I had trouble deciding where to put it so I hope you find this a good fit!)

    I have a month-long collage sheet giveaway going on at Create With Joy this month - hope you'll stop by and register for a chance to win!

    Have a creative week!


  20. Love your Irises, I too love to paint and I paint Irises on a scarf with silk paints.. your are great

    Its my blog, and i start it right now, hoping you follow and give me some useful suggestions. waiting for your responce. Farah

  21. I pictured myself there right now having a cup of coffee...What a very light and airy room. Loved it.