Friday, July 27, 2012

my painting room...tweaked

Well, tweaked is really an understatement.

I bought a new piece of furniture, perfect for my art supplies!
Thank you, Martha Stewart!
This cabinet is well made, beautifully designed & sturdy.

Big wide drawers to hold all my stuff.

Artists have lots of stuff! (or maybe being an art teacher
made me collect & save all that stuff)

Best of all, the drawers are deep enough to store my paper,
which should be stored flat.

But adding that one piece of furniture meant that I had to 
empty the tall white cabinet, also full of stuff,

and the small blue cabinet, filled to the brim,
so I could move both to their current spots.

That included the closet, now nicely organized.
My magnetic boards also had to be emptied, relocated
and redecorated with all those pictures.

So, after three days of sorting, tossing, & organizing,
I'm back in business!

Have a great weekend.  More of our walk to Giverny next week.


  1. How wonderful! I have been eyeing that piece, as I thought it might be good for storing watercolor paper and finished paintings. It looks wonderful in your studio!

  2. I like seeing a glimpse of where you create . . .The cabinet you purchased looks perfect!

  3. wow that is wonderful..I love that.I would love one too. Did you find it on Martha Stewarts website. I'll look.. your studio is lovely. have a great weekend,love,Diana

  4. It's a lovely feeling, isn't it? One feels so much more 'in control' when one's environment is so neat and efficient. Of course, I am theorizing here, as my environment is neither neat, nor efficient!

  5. Hi Carol, My daughter's blog LookbookUnlimited is began broadcasting...I hope, you do support her:)))Have a nice day:))

  6. Hello Carol!

    I couldn´t find your email anywhere so i try here instead. I found your amazing work somehow over the internet by searching "Peony Print" and your print of a peony came up. Im getting married next summer and Im already busy with the invitations, the thing is that I
    want a peony print in watercolor on the invitations and your print is a perfect match for the job. ( because I pretty much suck at painting ) I would love to use your print in the invitations. So my question to you and the
    reason for why Im writing this to you is if I could get your permission to use your print of a peony in my wedding invitations?

    I run a interior blog and as a thanks i could link to you and tell about your fantastic work when the invitations is printed

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Best regards

    Malin Andersson from Sweden

  7. forgot my email adress:

  8. You have a lovely space, Carol! Love those beautiful organized drawers! :) I've been to Giverny twice and didn't want to leave either time!