Sunday, July 1, 2012


I'm finally back to blogging! Two trips back to back was a little busy.
I felt that all I did was pack, unpack, reorganize...and repeat.
Now I'm home and happy for the summer.

My daughter & I were in Paris for two incredible weeks.  We had the most wonderful time!
I'd like to share our visit to the Marché aux Puces  (the Paris Flea Market!).

The flea market had everything, from sea shells
to bathtubs,
and bouquets (gorgeous peonies!)
to birdcages.
An architect's table
and an artist's box, stuffed with a well used palette &
stacks of old letters and pictures.
I would have loved that but it was $$$!
Something for everyone
...well, maybe not!
Beautiful produce
antique luggage,
and beautiful couture!
An abundance of mirrors!
Here I am taking one of my 2200 photos (really..2200!)
The shop owners set up early and then played cards.
Look at that red hair!!!
A giant rooster
and a little bull dog!
Piles & piles of books!
My daughter got some wonderful old books for just a few Euros.
I bought a silver ladle, a toast rack & a silver cup.
and, last of all, my mosaic for
Mosaic Monday @ the Little Red House
"chiens at the flea market"

Come visit me again for more Paris pictures to come!
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. ahhhh those flowers, the bath tub, the artist things, I would have to save for years!
    thank you for sharing!
    dee dee

  2. oh wow - this is somewhere in Paris that we didn't get too! I would have loved it! Where in Paris is it? Is it there all the time? Thank you for taking me there through Mosaic Monday and have a wonderful week. Looking forward to more pics from Paris!

  3. Welcome back! It was lovely to see that you'd posted, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Paris. It must have been wonderful to have such a trip with your daughter.

  4. I loved seeing all the treasures in the antique markets. My daughter and I spent a week in Paris a number of years ago and never did discover the markets. Next time I'd love to visit them.

  5. Oh this looks like it would take days to see everything and then, how would you ever make up your mind on what to

  6. carol!
    these photos are fabulous!
    Just wish I'd been there too..
    but the next best thing..
    was enjoying through YOUR Lens..
    you so captured the excitement!!
    thanks again for sharing!
    Warmest hugs..