Thursday, July 10, 2014

Order is restored

Zazzle removed all my images from the shop site.  
I found one more today on her web page and sent the link saying TAKE IT DOWN.  
Within an hour it was down.
She had also pinned my design to Pinterest to promote her products.  I commented on
that pin that it was MY work and was stolen.  The pin disappeared from her board just like that!
I hope the Zazzle seller had a miserable two days and has learned not to lift other people's work, 
but I somehow doubt it.

I found that another person had also used the same image,
an art director in Turkey! It was part of his/her portfolio of packaging examples.
I contacted the host company and now that work has been removed as well.

Artists: watermark EVERYTHING!  Your signature is not enough.
Reverse search your images regularly.
Thank you Kathleen for that information!

I have an Eiffel Tower snowglobe picture on my blog that I took and 
Photo-Shopped out my reflection.  When I reverse searched that it showed 
up all over the internet, including the Psychology Today web site.
I didn't watermark it at the time, but did later.  
The original image got used over and over again.


  1. Very happy for you Carol.
    Enjoy your week..and painting

  2. Whew . . . good news . . . but what a mess to go through to get there . . .
    I am happy that things are on a smoother track again!
    Happy painting . . .

  3. I am glad that Zazzle reacted quickly, Carol. I find it mind blowing that there are so many dishonest and lazy 'artists' around.