Saturday, July 12, 2014

this is my peony

This is my peony.
I painted this peony is 1999, 
on vacation, at a kitchen table in Ocean City, NJ.

This is MY peony.

It is not your peony to use in products you are "designing".
It is not for your wedding products, your packaging labels,
your avatars, your "designer" pillows,
your coupons, your links to porn,
or your poetry page.

I have found MY peony in all those places.

This is my peony that I now have to cover with watermarks because my
signature was cropped off.  That did not make it yours.
It is My peony.

I am a watercolor artist and this is my peony.


  1. I've just read the past few posts, Carol. What a mess - so much dishonesty - theft. I can't imagine how you must feel, but I am disgusted.

  2. My daughter & I have traced the images from the Zazzle shop back to about 7 artists and photographers. We have let them all know how their art was being used for someone else's profit. There are more in that shop, too.

  3. Not sure what watermarking is but for safety sake, guess it is best. So sorry this happened to your beautiful piece of ART . . . you'd think there would be a second thought before leaping in to copy, mar, harm . . . You would think!

  4. Carol, I stumbled across your blog via Diana Davis' blog. I am so sorry for your art theft problems and have read back a few blog entries about them. How does one go about doing a 'reverse image search'? Do you simply type in a search by describing the image? Thank you.

  5. Here's the link to the Google search:
    You can search by the URL or by uploading

    1. Thank you! Interesting. I had no idea that one could do this sort of search.

  6. Stealing - no different than a cyber thief stealing from your bank account. Your money, belongs to you. Your art, belongs to you. I can only imagine your feelings of violation.

  7. It's a beautiful peony and deserves better. This rampant copying is shameful!